To comply with Health Canada's Pest Control Product Regulations, Meeker's Aquaculture have had to remove any web link, and customer testimonials that make reference to Meeker's Magic Mix having any pest control properties.  Meeker's Aquaculture is going through the framework set out by Health Canada for getting Meeker's Magic Mix registered as a pest control product.
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Your lawn or garden is only
as good as
the soil you plant it in.

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Where to Buy Meeker's Magic Mix fish compost (2011)

Meeker's Magic Mix fish compost is now available from any Home Hardware store across Canada.

If you can't find Meeker's Magic Mix at your local store, ask your store manager to order it (Product Number 5053-030).  Meeker's Magic Mix is now available to any Home Hardware dealer through the main warehouse.

On Manitoulin Island, Meeker's Magic Mix is available at:

  • D.A. Williamson and Sons, Mindemoya
  • Tim's & Co. RONA, Little Current
  • J.D.'s Garden Centre, Tehkummah
  • Har-Cor Greenhouse, Sheguiandah
    In Sault Ste. Marie, you can pick up Meeker's Magic Mix at       New North Greenhouses.

    In Sudbury, you can pick up Meeker's Magic Mix at                        Southview Greenhouse Growers. Also available at this               location, NEW Meeker's Magic Mix Compost Tea.

"About a month ago I added some mix to all my house plants as I topped up the soil - not a lot as I didn't know there was a ratio I should be following and I only had a sand pail or two of it.  Anyway, two of my  plants, which are over 15 years old and looking a little like retirees on a very small pension, have perked up and as of Saturday I counted 25 new leaves on the palm and 6 on the prayer plant.  They are all shiny and happy and looking like they won the lottery!"

~ Pam C., London, Ontario

Whether establishing a new garden or revitalizing an old one, adding compost is one of the best things you can do.

Meeker's Magic Mix fish compost is easy to apply and will inspire you with a lush green lawn, remarkable plant growth, bigger blooms and increased yields.  Best of all, Meeker's Magic Mix is environmentally friendly.

One of the most compelling reasons for adding compost to soil is that compost supports soil life such as the bacteria and fungi which are critical for healthy soil development and optimum plant growth.

What sets Meeker's Magic Mix apart from all other composts is what goes into it.

We include all parts of the fish in our composting product and end up with a finished compost that contains not only a good balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium but is also a significant source of several critical micro-nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and iron.  These all play a role in healthy plant development, and these ingredients will remain available to plants beyond the initial year of application.

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